Gold Price in Bangladesh Today [31 January 2023]

Explore today's gold price in Bangladesh on January 31, 2023. Stay informed for smart investment decisions.

Today, gold prices in Bangladesh have seen a significant rise due to a surge in global demand and prices. Gold prices have risen by 3.7% in the last month, with the current gold price in Bangladesh being approximately 1 Bhori = Tk.93,428.64.

Gold prices in Bangladesh are influenced mainly by the international gold markets as well as the local demand for gold. The growing demand for gold in Bangladesh is mainly attributed to its use as a hedge against inflation and a safe haven for investors.

The current gold price in Bangladesh is also affected by the global gold prices, which have been increasing due to a decline in the US dollar and an increase in demand from investors. The increasing demand from the investors is due to the current economic uncertainty and the increasing geopolitical tensions.

In addition, the gold prices in Bangladesh are also affected by the demand for jewelry, which has seen an increase over the past few months as the country's economy has gradually been recovering. The increasing demand for jewelry is mainly due to the rising disposable incomes and the increasing popularity of gold amongst the younger generation.

The increasing gold prices in Bangladesh has encouraged people to invest in gold, as it is seen as a safe haven for their investments. The increasing demand for gold has also led to an increase in the gold smuggling activity, which has resulted in an increase in the price of gold in the country.

Overall, the increasing gold prices in Bangladesh have been beneficial for investors as it provides them an opportunity to make profits. However, it is important to note that gold prices are highly volatile and can change rapidly, so investors should be cautious when investing in gold.

According to the Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS), they have also decided to reduce the price of gold due to a slight decline in the price of gold in the international market. The 22 Karat (Twenty-Two-Karat) gold price will now stand at 1 Bhori = Tk.93,428.64. Note that: The Gold price was reduced a few days ago, but the price of Silver has remained unchanged.

Also, the world gold market has decreased. Today January 31, 2023 gold price changed by 1 Ounce= $ 61.63 (1 Ounce = 31.103 grams) and the percentage change was $ -0.2 in the world Gold market. Which is about 1 Ounce = Tk. 6,562.13 in Bangladeshi currency.

Today Gold Price In Bangladesh

22K Gold801093428.64
21K Gold764589171.28
18K Gold655576457.52
Sonaton Go546063685.44

According to the new gold rate in bangladesh, 22 Karat gold price is 1 Bhori = Tk.93,428.64. Also, 21 Karat gold price is 1 Bhori = Tk.89,171.28. And, 18 Karat gold price is 1 Bhori = Tk.76,457.52. Sanaton Gold price is 1 Bhori = Tk.63,685.44. The Bangladesh jewelry association said that, The Gold price changes every day depending on the international market price.

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