Bangladesh Gold Refinery

Thanks to our strong industry connections, Bangladesh gold refinery ensure optimal extraction of precious metals from old jewelry. Knowing the latest price of gold is a must for buying or selling.

Transform your unwanted gold and jewelry into CASH effortlessly by following our streamlined step-by-step process. Get your cash swiftly!

Discover the premier destination for Cash for Gold at the Bangladesh Gold Refinery. Uncover the finest cash offers for your gold online.

If your gold items are sitting idle, seize the opportunity to explore how much cash you could receive for your unwanted goods today.

How to Apply
Utilize our Live Gold Price Checker tool, then complete the online form available. Choose between receiving a complimentary postal kit or opt for the convenience of a free courier pick-up service.

How to Send
You can seamlessly dispatch your gold to us using the provided complimentary postal kit or select our expedited next-day courier pick-up service - the decision is entirely yours.

How to Earn
Upon our assessment and reaching an agreement on the value of your gold, anticipate receiving your cash within 24 hours. Alternatively, you retain the choice to request the return of your jewelry at no cost. This flexible process ensures convenience and ease in every step of your transaction with us.

Can I sell my Gold Today?

Absolutely. There's no better time to benefit from selling unwanted gold, jewelry, coins, watches, and silverware. The Bangladesh Gold Refinery ensures fair pricing and offers a cordial and efficient service.

Apply for your Gold Pack Today

Utilize our complimentary special delivery envelope to send your gold for valuation by our knowledgeable and affable team. For added reassurance, your items are insured starting from BDT 90,000 and can be increased to 3,00000, surpassing the coverage offered by most competitors.

Upon receipt of your items, we'll promptly contact you with an offer for your gold and strive for payment within 24 hours.

How do I sell my Jewellery with the Bangladesh Gold Refinery?

Selling your unwanted gold jewelry, coins, and watches online has never been easier. As industry leaders, we are confident in our competitive pricing, and to ensure your satisfaction, we guarantee to surpass any online quote obtained elsewhere.

In the rare instance we fall short, we gladly return your items absolutely free of charge. Contact us today for comprehensive details on our exceptional cash for gold service and unlock the value of your unwanted items now.

What do we Buy?

Gold Coins & SilverwareSilver Jewellery
We're interested in acquiring gold coins of any type, regardless of quantity or condition.We purchase all varieties of silver jewelry, regardless of its age or condition, including pieces that are old or broken.

Jewellery & WatchesGemstones
We purchase jewelry and watches made of any karat of gold.Gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.
Bangladesh Gold Refinery

What do we buy at Bangladesh Gold Refinery?

At The Bangladesh Gold Refinery, we have a broad spectrum of interests when it comes to buying. We specialize in various precious metals, not limited to gold, and also extend our interest to gemstones, antiques, and even refined items, irrespective of their age, condition, or whether they're damaged or broken.

Here's a list of items for which we're pleased to offer valuations:
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Gemstones
  • Jewelry
  • Unmarked items
  • Coins
  • Scrap materials
  • Antiques

Hallmark Gold Rate Today

Gold 1 Gram 1 Bhori Local Price
22K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
21K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
18K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
Sanaton ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00

Hallmark Silver Rate Today

Silver 1 Gram 1 Bhori Local Price
22K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
21K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
18K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
Sanaton ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00

Gold Unit Converter 50 grams

Conversion Weight
Vhori 0.000
Tola 0.000
Ounce 0.000
Kilogram 0.000
Aana 0.000
Ratti 0.000
Masha 0.000

Request your pack today

Feel free to request your pack today to begin the process.

Any questions?

To assist you in your decision-making process, here are responses to frequently asked questions.

No, there are no charges involved when selling your jewelry to Bangladesh Gold Refinery. Whether you opt for the postal kit or courier service, the delivery and insurance are entirely free of cost.

You'll receive a free postal kit or arrange for a complimentary courier service to collect your jewelry.

Our service is entirely free of charge if you decide to have your items returned. However, if non-precious metal items have been sent and you wish to have them returned, we may levy a postage and packing fee.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Thanks to our strong industry connections, we ensure optimal extraction of precious metals from old jewelry. This meticulous refining process guarantees that nothing valuable is overlooked, enabling us to consistently offer the most competitive rates. Unlike many other gold buying businesses, not all possess this advantage, which affects their pricing competitiveness.

Additionally, being a Bangladesh based company, we benefit from savings on exchange rates and postage expenses. These cost savings directly translate into maximizing returns for you.

There exists an expedited method to submit your items for valuation to us without relying on the complimentary postal pack or a courier service. Print our form, complete the necessary details, and enclose it with your jewelry in a specially designated delivery envelope.

Ship it to us, and we'll reimburse you not only for the postage expenses but also for any insurance coverage incurred.

Your gold is insured up to a value of BDT 50,000 as standard. Additionally, if necessary,

supplementary coverage can be arranged for values up to BDT 3,00000.

No, we don't solely purchase gold. Our services extend to buying various forms of precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and silver.

In addition to precious metals, we also accept gemstones and coins for purchase.

We assess the value of your jewelry by utilizing Banladesh Trading Standards approved scales specifically tailored for the jewelry sector to measure the weight of your gold. This meticulous approach ensures complete accuracy, allowing us to offer you the most competitive price.

Our valuation process is primarily based on the pure precious metal content present in your item.

We employ state-of-the-art sensor equipment to safeguard your items from any damage during the testing process. Occasionally, in instances where results are inconclusive, we may resort to traditional acid tests for enhanced accuracy.

Our utmost priority is to return your items to you in the same condition as they were when received by Bangladesh Gold Refinery, ensuring their preservation.

Certainly, you can send broken jewelry to Bangladesh Gold Refinery without any issue. Our valuation process is based on the weight and carat of the items,

so their condition does not affect the price offered.

To preliminarily determine the authenticity of your metal jewelry like gold or silver, a simple method involves using a magnet.

If the jewelry is attracted to the magnet, it's likely not solid gold, silver, or platinum.

For most foreign and older jewelry that lacks a hallmark, its value remains unaffected. I'm uncertain about the weight of my item and unable to use the gold calculator. What's the solution? Not to worry.

We utilize Certified Bangladesh Trading Standards approved scales, calibrated to the nearest 0.01 Gram, to accurately weigh all items. This ensures you receive the best possible price for your gold.

You can easily monitor your order's status by visiting the "Track Order" page on our website.

Alternatively, give us a call at +88019143, and one of Bangladesh Gold Refinery's team members will provide you with an update.

We offer payment via cheque, bank transfer, any

Mobile Payment or cash based on your personal preference.

All our offers come with no obligation,

giving you the choice to accept or decline as per your preference.

If you decline our offer, your items will be promptly returned

within 10 days at no additional cost for your precious metals.

Gold Hallmarks

375 Gold 9K Gold
585 Gold 14K Gold
750 Gold 18K Gold
875 Gold 21K Gold
916 Gold 22K Gold
958 Gold 23K Gold
999 Gold 24K Gold

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