Diamond Price in Bangladesh 2024

Discover the diamond price trends in Bangladesh for 2024. Stay informed for smart diamond investments and purchases.

Bangladesh Diamond Rate Today

1 Carat৳.79141.31
0.5 Carat৳.39570.65
0.75 Carat৳.59355.98
0.25 Carat৳.19785.33
0.1 Carat৳.7914.13
0.2 Gram৳.79141.31
1 Gram৳.395706.53

Buying a diamond can actually be a significant investment, and making an informed decision is crucial

Here's a summarized guide for buying diamonds in Bangladesh:

Tips for buying diamonds

  • Research: Understand the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat) and their effect on diamond pricing. Research the local market prices and familiarize yourself with reputable diamond sellers.
  • Comparison Shopping: Visit several stores to compare prices, quality, and customer service. Online retailers can offer competitive prices, but ensure reliability and check return policies.
  • Negotiation: Do not hesitate to negotiate Polite and informed bargaining could result in discounts, added services, or better terms of purchase, especially for larger purchases or jewelry settings.
  • Look for Discounts and Promotions: Inquire about ongoing promotions or discounts at various jewelers. Some stores offer seasonal sales or discounts on specific types of diamonds.
  • Bulk Purchase: Consider purchasing multiple diamonds together or with other individuals to potentially receive bulk discounts.
  • Certified Diamonds: Prioritize certified diamonds evaluated by reputed gemological institutes. Certified diamonds ensure quality and the grading report provides essential details about the stone.

Negotiation Tips

  • Preparation: Gather information about the quality and prices of the diamond in the market.
  • Politeness and Clarity: Maintain a friendly but firm approach. Express your desired price clearly without being overly aggressive.
  • Additional Services: Besides price negotiation, inquire about complimentary services such as resizing, cleaning, or certification.

Significance of Certified Diamonds

  • Assured Quality: Certified diamonds are evaluated by independent gemological institutes, providing accurate information about the diamond's characteristics.
  • Value Retention: Certified diamonds tend to maintain their value over time, making them a more reliable investment.
  • Resale and Authentication: The certification ensures the authenticity and makes it easier to resell or trade the diamond in the future.

Conclusion for Purchasing Diamonds

When purchasing diamonds in Bangladesh, research, comparison shopping, negotiation, and prioritizing certified stones are crucial steps. Certified diamonds not only assure quality but also offer peace of mind concerning your investment.

Each diamond purchase is unique, so evaluate your preferences and priorities before making a final decision.