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It is crucial to be aware of the current market price. Being informed about the gold price is essential for trading How to Invest in Gold from Bangladesh.

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Gold 1 Gram 1 Bhori Local Price
22K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
21K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
18K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
Sanaton ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00

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Silver 1 Gram 1 Bhori Local Price
22K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
21K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
18K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
Sanaton ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00

Gold Price Trend in Bangladesh

Those who are considering investing in gold in Bangladesh, there are many investment options available. However, before making an investment, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of what you are investing in, as well as tax liabilities and alternative investment options available.

The article highlights the importance of gaining knowledge about gold before investing and suggests that investors should be aware of the various factors that could affect the value of their investment.

Overall, the article underlines the significance of conducting thorough research and being well-informed before investing in gold in Bangladesh.

24 Karat Hallmark Gold

Gold purity is measured in karats, where 24 karat signifies pure hallmark gold without any other metals or alloys mixed in. This highest-grade gold is renowned for its top purity and often comes with a premium price tag.

22 Karat Hallmark Gold

22 karat hallmark gold is an amalgam of gold and other metals like copper or silver, consisting of 22 parts pure gold and 2 parts of additional metals. Its durability and vivid yellow hue make it a popular choice for jewelry crafting.

21 Karat Hallmark Gold

21 karat hallmark gold, it contains 21 parts of gold mixed with other metals, boasting a purity level that closely mirrors pure gold. This degree of purity is highly esteemed in the realm of gold alloys.

18 Karat Hallmark Gold

18 karat hallmark gold comprises 75% pure gold and 25% other metals, such as copper or silver. This composition provides increased durability and a more affordable option compared to pure gold.

18 Karat Gold Price Calculation

As previously discussed, 18-Karat gold contains 75% pure gold and 25% other alloys. Keeping this ratio in mind, its price can be calculated.

Here's an understanding of the process:

International Gold Price (converted from USD to BDT) = P (BDT)

Refining of Gold Cost = Q (BDT)

Dealer's Profit = R (BDT)

Formula to Calculate the Selling Price of 18-Karat gold:
Gold Price Selling Calculation
18-Karat gold selling rate = P + Q + R

The Buying Price can be calculated As follows:
Gold Price Buying Calculation
18 Karat gold buying rate = Capital Cost Of Gold – Q – R

Please note that these calculations vary from dealer to dealer. It's Rdvisrble to visit 2-3 dealers to compare prices before buying and selling gold.

Gold Unit Converter 50 grams

Conversion Weight
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Kilogram 0.000
Aana 0.000
Ratti 0.000
Masha 0.000


How can you tell real gold vs fake?

Identifying genuine gold often begins by examining jewelry or items for hallmark stamps inside. These stamps denote the gold's purity in karats, commonly represented as 10K, 14K, 18K, or 24K. Additionally, using a magnifying glass or loupe enables a closer inspection of the gold's color.

Authentic gold typically exhibits a faint yellowish tone, whereas counterfeit gold may display a more greenish or silvery tint.

What if my gold is not hallmarked?

The expenses related to hallmarking gold products will be covered by the jeweler and won't be incurred by you, the buyer. This charge remains applicable irrespective of the dimensions, mass, or purity level of your gold item.

What is an assaying & hallmarking center?

Assaying refers to the procedure for verifying the purity of gold. Gold Hallmarking Centers serve as specialized facilities dedicated to examining gold items, ensuring their compliance with the stated gold content by the manufacturer. In Bangladesh, there exist two such hallmarking centers situated in Dhaka and Chittagong.

Authorized by the Bangladesh government, both centers hold the authority to examine gold items for purity and provide gold hallmarking certificates. The list of Assay and Hallmarking Centers accredited by the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) is available on the BSTI website.

You can verify the presence of your specific Assay and Hallmarking Center by visiting the BSTI website and accessing their list, which should include information about the accreditation status of various centers, including the one you're in.

Check if the AHC you are in is part of this website:

What are the symbols on hallmarked gold?

Hallmarks serve as stamped symbols on gold jewelry, signifying the gold's purity. Common hallmarks encompass indications like "925" for sterling silver, "750" for 18-karat gold, "585" for 14-karat gold, and "417" for 10-karat gold.

These marks might also include the manufacturer's name or logo. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission mandates gold to bear a fineness mark denoting the gold percentage in the alloy. This mark could be a three-digit number like "585" or a one- or two-letter abbreviation such as "K" representing karats.

What are the benefits of hallmark jewelry?

Jewelry with hallmarks boasts exceptional quality standards, ensuring superior craftsmanship. It presents a diverse range of styles, designs, and sizes, catering to various preferences, from classic to contemporary tastes.

With hallmark jewelry, buyers receive the assurance of a lifetime warranty, alleviating concerns about the jewelry's durability and quality. Known for its durability, hallmark jewelry is crafted to endure, guaranteeing longevity.

Each piece is uniquely designed, offering a distinctive and personalized touch. Despite its high quality, hallmark jewelry remains affordable, allowing customers to acquire superior jewelry without straining their budget.

What is an assaying & hallmarking center?

The Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) maintains a list of accredited Assay and Hallmarking Centers on its website.

This list provides information about recognized centers that have met the required standards and criteria set by the BSTI for assaying and hallmarking precious metal items.

How much does it cost to hallmark gold bangladesh?

Hallmarking gold in Bangladesh involves displaying the gold's purity on jewelry. The process includes office marks for certifying purity, fineness, or carat of the gold. Subsequently, trademarks are incorporated to identify the specific jeweler responsible for the product.

Hallmarked gold in Bangladesh typically showcases three distinct marks, confirming compliance with the prescribed process by the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI).

What are the symbols on hallmarked gold?

If gold lacks hallmarks, it's advisable to have it examined by a trusted jeweler or gemologist utilizing suitable testing tools. This assessment helps ascertain the gold's caratage and purity. Additionally, obtaining an appraisal is recommended to establish its current market worth.

Does all gold jewelry have a hallmark?

No, not every piece of gold jewelry bears a hallmark. Hallmarks are commonly employed for items surpassing a particular weight, and some jewelers might opt against hallmarking their pieces.

In Bangladesh, as of June 23, 2021, gold hallmarking has become mandatory. Consequently, all gold jewelry manufactured and sold after this date in Bangladesh must bear a hallmark.

A hallmark on gold jewelry is an imprinted mark by a Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI)-recognized entity. This mark signifies the entity's authority in assessing the quality of imported gold, ensuring its accuracy and purity.

It is crucial to inspect the hallmark when purchasing gold jewelry to prevent potential deceit or fraudulent practices.

Hallmarked gold features symbols denoting its purity and origin. Initially, assay office marks are imprinted to certify the gold's purity and carat value. Following this, specific trademarks are incorporated to identify the jeweler responsible for creating the piece.

Hallmarked gold showcases three distinct marks, signifying compliance with the prescribed process outlined by the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI). These marks serve as verification that the gold article has undergone the BSTI's hallmarking procedure.

The purity of gold in a piece of jewelry might not be evident to consumers, potentially leading them to purchase jewelry with lower purity than claimed.

The primary purpose of hallmarks is to safeguard consumers from deceit or misrepresentation. A hallmark on gold jewelry serves as a promise of its purity, offering consumers assurance regarding the gold's authenticity and quality.

The inclusion of a hallmark on a piece of gold jewelry instills confidence in the consumer, ensuring that the purchased jewelry indeed embodies the pledged purity. As hallmarked gold guarantees its purity, selling such jewelry anywhere in the country usually fetches fair rates. Additionally, banks may offer more favorable loan terms when hallmarked gold jewelry is used as collateral.

Conversely, purchasing gold jewelry lacking a hallmark may result in receiving an unfair rate when selling it. Furthermore, if non-hallmarked gold jewelry is offered as collateral, banks might approve loans at higher interest rates.

To verify the purity of gold jewelry at home, one method is to perform an acid test. However, this requires purchasing an acid testing kit, which includes testing acids for various gold purity levels and a touchstone. Another way is to use a magnifying glass or loupe to closely inspect any hallmark or stamp on the jewelry indicating its purity in karats (e.g., 24K, 18K, 14K).

While these methods provide some insight, for a more accurate assessment, it's advisable to visit a Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) accredited Assaying and Hallmarking Centre. These centers charge a fee for their services but offer professional testing and verification of the gold's purity.

To exchange old gold jewelry for new ones, consumers have several options. They can approach Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) registered jewelers to get their old gold jewelry hallmarked. These registered jewelers have the capability to apply for Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) accredited assay, ensuring the authenticity and purity of the gold.

Additionally, hallmarking centers have the capability to hallmark old gold jewelry or melt it down to create new jewelry. The newly created pieces are then hallmarked before being resold, ensuring they meet the required standards of purity and quality.

For BSTI registered jewelers, the expense for obtaining hallmarks on gold jewelry is a fixed lump sum. However, there's a minimum fee imposed for a single invoice. It's important to note that customers are not eligible to directly apply to a BSTI recognized Assaying and Hallmarking Center for acquiring hallmarks on their gold jewelry.

Consumers can solely verify the purity of hallmarked gold jewelry at Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) accredited hallmarking and assaying centers.

Hallmarking has become obligatory for all categories of gold jewelry in Bangladesh since June 2021.

According to the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) guidelines, gold jewelry items of 14, 18, 20, 22, 23, and 24 carats must undergo hallmarking.

Gold Hallmarks

375 Gold 9K Gold
585 Gold 14K Gold
750 Gold 18K Gold
875 Gold 21K Gold
916 Gold 22K Gold
958 Gold 23K Gold
999 Gold 24K Gold

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