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Bajus Gold Price Today

Stay updated with today gold price in bangladesh per vori 22k, 21K, 18K and 24K. Discover real-time rates, ensuring informed decisions for your investments in the dynamic gold market of Bangladesh.

Gold 1 Gram 1 Bhori Local Price
22K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
21K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
18K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
Sanaton ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00

Bajus Silver Price Today

Silver 1 Gram 1 Bhori Local Price
22K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
21K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
18K ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00
Sanaton ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00 ৳.00.00

Bangladesh Diamond Rate Today

Carat Price
1 Carat ৳.79141.31
0.5 Carat ৳.39570.65
0.75 Carat ৳.59355.98
0.25 Carat ৳.19785.33
0.1 Carat ৳.7914.13
0.2 Gram ৳.79141.31
1 Gram ৳.395706.53

How to Buy a Diamond

Shopping for diamond jewelry is very confusing! Even more difficult is identifying genuine or fake diamond jewelry.

How To Buy Gold?

How to Buy Gold

Most common question is how to buy gold? Research is everything. So stay with gold price BD. Best Shope to buy Gold Shop Bangladesh

International Gold Fineness

Throughout history, gold has been prized for its natural beauty and luster. Because of this, many cultures envision gold to represent the sun.

Fineness Karat Contry
0.375 9 Karat England and Canada
0.417 10 Karat -
.583 (.585) 14 Karat -
0.75 18 Karat -
0.833 20 Karat (Asia)
.999 (1000) 24K Pure Gold -

This chart shows some examples of combinations of different caratages of Fineness Gold.

Attention: Hot tips to buy gold in Bangladesh

  • Always try to buy Gold from big stores. The reason is that this type of store offers a quality Hallmark product with attractive designs.
  • Make gold deals with good SHOP owners. Because they are honest.
  • Try to buy Gold from a store that has been doing business honestly for a long time. Because they are honest and make less profit.
  • Follow the Gold return policy carefully before buying or ask the shop owner. Because it is very important.
  • Check the cash memo after buying the gold product to see if the hallmark is attached. This is also very important.
  • Save all gold buying memos very carefully. This is because the shop owner cannot refund the fair price without a cash memo to buy Gold when selling Gold.

Top jewellery brands in Bangladesh

Gold ornaments, symbolic of wealth and status, encompass a range of decorative items crafted from the precious metal. Explore the rich tradition of gold and silver top jewellery brands in bangladesh, from bangles and necklaces to traditional jhumkas and kundan designs. Explore related Yellow, Rose, White gold price bangladesh.

Gold price increasing bangladesh today

Current Exchange: 18k, 21k, 22k, 24k gold price in bangladesh today per vori based on current exchange rates. The price of gold has been steadily increasing in Bangladesh over the past few months, as the demand for gold in the country increases.

Jewelry Items: Gold is a popular choice for jewelry and other items in Bangladesh, and its value has increased steadily in recent months. In addition to its traditional uses for jewelry, gold is also increasingly being used as an investment tool in the country. Many investors view gold as a safe-haven asset, and as such, the demand for gold in Bangladesh has been increasing.

Bangladeshi Economy Gold Demand: The increase in demand for gold has been driven by a number of factors. One of the main factors is the current economic uncertainty in Bangladesh. With the global economy facing a recession and the Bangladeshi economy facing its own slow-down, many investors are turning to gold to protect their wealth. In addition, the Bangladeshi government’s decision to reduce the import duty on gold in December of 2019 has also helped to boost the demand for gold in the country.

22K Gold in Bangladesh: The price of 22K gold in Bangladesh is expected to continue to increase in the coming months. As the demand for gold continues to increase, and the economic uncertainty persists, the price of gold is likely to continue to rise. For those looking to invest in gold, now may be a good time to do so.

There are several factors that can affect the price of gold in Bangladesh, including:
  • Currency fluctuations: The value of the Bangladeshi taka (BDT) against other major currencies can also impact the price of gold in Bangladesh. If the value of the BDT falls against major currencies, the price of gold in Bangladesh may increase.
  • Geopolitical tensions: Geopolitical tensions such as wars or political instability can also impact the price of gold. During times of uncertainty, investors may flock to gold as a safe haven, causing its price to increase.
  • Global demand and supply: The demand for gold around the world is a major factor that can affect the price of gold in Bangladesh. If global demand for gold increases and supply cannot keep up, the price of gold in Bangladesh is likely to increase.
  • Gold reserves and production: The level of gold reserves and production in Bangladesh can also impact the price of gold in the country. If there is a shortage of gold reserves or production decreases, the price of gold is likely to increase.
  • Government policies: Government policies such as taxes and import/export regulations can also affect the price of gold in Bangladesh. For example, if the government increases the taxes on gold imports, the price of gold in Bangladesh may increase.
  • Inflation and economic conditions: Inflation and economic conditions in Bangladesh can also affect the price of gold. When inflation rises, the price of gold often increases because gold is seen as a store of value during times of economic uncertainty.
  • Interest rates: Interest rates in Bangladesh can also affect the price of gold. When interest rates are low, the opportunity cost of holding gold decreases, which can lead to an increase in demand for gold and an increase in its price.
  • Investor sentiment: Investor sentiment can also affect the price of gold. If investors are optimistic about the economy and markets, they may be less likely to invest in gold, which can cause its price to decrease. Conversely, if investors are concerned about economic or political instability, they may be more likely to invest in gold, causing its price to increase.
  • Jewelry demand: Jewelry demand is a major driver of gold demand in Bangladesh. If demand for gold jewelry increases, the price of gold in Bangladesh may increase as well.

Overall, the price of gold in Bangladesh is influenced by a complex set of economic, political, and social factors, and can fluctuate rapidly in response to changes in these factors.

Gold price history in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Jewellers Association (BAJUS) has been monitoring Gold price history in Bangladesh for the last 10 years. As a result, it has been providing valuable insights into the fluctuations of gold prices over time. Bangladesh Jewellers Association Last 10 Years Gold Prices from 2007 to 2020 Gold price history in Bangladesh.

Gold Bar Weight

Central banks, financial institutions, banks, investors usually deal in 24 carat, 999 fine gold bars. So far bar trading has not started locally in Bangladesh. Also Sanaton gold price in bangladesh for 1 vori 22k gold price in bangladesh today.

1 Troy Ounce 31.1034768 Grams
1 Vhori 11.66 Grams
1 Tola 1 Vhori
1 Vhori 16 Ana
1 Ana 6 Rhoti
1 Rhoti 10 Point
1 Tola 11.664 Grams OR 3.746 Ounces
1KG 1000 gram

Gold Unit Converter 50 grams

Conversion Weight
Vhori 0.000
Tola 0.000
Ounce 0.000
Kilogram 0.000
Aana 0.000
Ratti 0.000
Masha 0.000

How To Identify Hallmarks For Gold Jewelery Help

Gold hallmarks originated to show the purity of gold on a gold jewelry piece. Assay includes office marks that certify the purity as well as the fineness or carat of gold.

Later, trademarks are added to indicate which jeweler made the product.

We provide live gold price in bangladesh, Silver Price, Current Gold Bar Price, Platinum Price, Palladium Price, platinum Price etc.

Gold price BD Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS), provides Gold Price Outside Dhaka, Dubai, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, etc. You can convert it to the most accurate price of gold and find gold.

Gold has always been associated with many traditions, but do you know how efficient gold can be as an investment at any point in your life?

Gold Price BD provides about the advantages of investing in gold price in bangladesh. Check the today gold rate per Gram in BDT before purchasing. The price varies every day. Stay with us. 🤩

How to bring gold from abroad to Bangladesh?

When traveling overseas, there is often an anticipation of purchasing gold at a more favorable price compared to Bangladesh.

This is particularly true in countries like Saudi Arabia and Dubai, where gold bars and ornaments are notably more affordable.

It's essential to be aware of the customs regulations when bringing gold back into Bangladesh.

Upon entering the country, it is imperative to adhere to legal procedures by declaring any gold purchased abroad. Customs duties apply when the value of your gold purchase exceeds a specified limit.

These duties are imposed to regulate the import of goods, including precious metals, and ensure compliance with the country's taxation and trade regulations.

Consequently, travelers should take into account these regulations to avoid any potential penalties or complications related to the importation of gold.

Being informed about the limits and procedures regarding bringing gold into Bangladesh is crucial to abide by the customs laws and regulations of the gold price in Bangladesh.

Gold Karats in Bangladesh

There are six types of hallmarked gold sold in Bangladesh jewelry stores:
Hallmarked Karat
375 Hallmarked Gold 9 Karat gold
585 Hallmarked Gold 14 Karat gold
750 Hallmarked Gold 18 Karat gold
875 Hallmarked Gold 21 Karat gold
916 Hallmarked Gold 22 Karat gold
958 Hallmarked Gold 23 Karat gold
999 Hallmarked Gold 24 Karat gold

Other Metals to form an Alloy

Gold is commonly combined with various metals to create alloys.

Karat Percentage
24K Pure gold.
22K Alloy with 22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts of other metals. Percentage gold is 91.7 (22/24).
21K Alloy with 21 parts of pure gold and 3 parts of other metals. Percentage gold is 87.5 (21/24).
18K Alloy with 18 parts of pure gold and 6 parts of other metals. Percentage gold is 75 (18/24).
14K Alloy with 14 parts of pure gold and 10 parts of other metals. Percentage gold is 58.3 (14/24).
9K Alloy with 9 parts of pure gold and 15 parts of other metals. Percentage gold is 37.5 (9/24).

In Dubai, individuals from India and other Asian regions usually show a preference for acquiring 22K jewelry, while European tourists and younger buyers often lean towards the purchase of 18K gold jewelry

Several European nations utilize the 'millesimal fineness' system for assessing purity, indicating the proportion of gold in a 1000-part alloy. For instance, 18K gold constitutes an alloy with 75% gold, corresponding to a millesimal fineness of 750.

These millesimal fineness values are employed as hallmark stamps.

The table below provides a summary of gold purities.
Karat Parts of Gold Gold % Millesimal Fineness
24 24/24 99.9 999
22 22/24 91.7 916/917
21 21/24 87.5 875
18 18/24 75 750
14 14/24 58.3 583/585
12 45650 50 500
10 45589 41.7 416/417
9 45559 37.5 375

International Gold price today Live

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Gold Historical Prices chart

International Silver price today Live

Silver price by

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A hallmark on gold jewelry is an imprinted mark by a Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI)-recognized entity. This mark signifies the entity's authority in assessing the quality of imported gold, ensuring its accuracy and purity.

It is crucial to inspect the hallmark when purchasing gold jewelry to prevent potential deceit or fraudulent practices.

Hallmarked gold features symbols denoting its purity and origin. Initially, assay office marks are imprinted to certify the gold's purity and carat value. Following this, specific trademarks are incorporated to identify the jeweler responsible for creating the piece.

Hallmarked gold showcases three distinct marks, signifying compliance with the prescribed process outlined by the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI). These marks serve as verification that the gold article has undergone the BSTI's hallmarking procedure.

The purity of gold in a piece of jewelry might not be evident to consumers, potentially leading them to purchase jewelry with lower purity than claimed.

The primary purpose of hallmarks is to safeguard consumers from deceit or misrepresentation. A hallmark on gold jewelry serves as a promise of its purity, offering consumers assurance regarding the gold's authenticity and quality.

The inclusion of a hallmark on a piece of gold jewelry instills confidence in the consumer, ensuring that the purchased jewelry indeed embodies the pledged purity. As hallmarked gold guarantees its purity, selling such jewelry anywhere in the country usually fetches fair rates. Additionally, banks may offer more favorable loan terms when hallmarked gold jewelry is used as collateral.

Conversely, purchasing gold jewelry lacking a hallmark may result in receiving an unfair rate when selling it. Furthermore, if non-hallmarked gold jewelry is offered as collateral, banks might approve loans at higher interest rates.

To verify the purity of gold jewelry at home, one method is to perform an acid test. However, this requires purchasing an acid testing kit, which includes testing acids for various gold purity levels and a touchstone. Another way is to use a magnifying glass or loupe to closely inspect any hallmark or stamp on the jewelry indicating its purity in karats (e.g., 24K, 18K, 14K).

While these methods provide some insight, for a more accurate assessment, it's advisable to visit a Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) accredited Assaying and Hallmarking Centre. These centers charge a fee for their services but offer professional testing and verification of the gold's purity.

To exchange old gold jewelry for new ones, consumers have several options. They can approach Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) registered jewelers to get their old gold jewelry hallmarked. These registered jewelers have the capability to apply for Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) accredited assay, ensuring the authenticity and purity of the gold.

Additionally, hallmarking centers have the capability to hallmark old gold jewelry or melt it down to create new jewelry. The newly created pieces are then hallmarked before being resold, ensuring they meet the required standards of purity and quality.

For BSTI registered jewelers, the expense for obtaining hallmarks on gold jewelry is a fixed lump sum. However, there's a minimum fee imposed for a single invoice. It's important to note that customers are not eligible to directly apply to a BSTI recognized Assaying and Hallmarking Center for acquiring hallmarks on their gold jewelry.

Consumers can solely verify the purity of hallmarked gold jewelry at Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) accredited hallmarking and assaying centers.

Hallmarking has become obligatory for all categories of gold jewelry in Bangladesh since June 2021.

According to the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) guidelines, gold jewelry items of 14, 18, 20, 22, 23, and 24 carats must undergo hallmarking.

The most straightforward method to authenticate gold is by checking for a stamp, often found inside jewelry. This mark typically denotes gold purity in karats, like 10K, 14K, 18K, or 24K.

For further verification, a magnifying glass can help examine gold's color: genuine gold tends to have a subtle yellowish hue, whereas counterfeit gold might display a more greenish or silvery shade

Hallmarking expenses for gold items will be covered by the jeweler and won't be incurred by you, the buyer. This cost is applicable irrespective of your gold piece's size, weight, or purity.

Assaying involves verifying gold purity, ensuring its accuracy. Gold Hallmarking Centers are specialized facilities dedicated to scrutinizing gold articles, guaranteeing they adhere to the declared gold content by the manufacturer.

Bangladesh houses two authorized gold hallmarking centers situated in Dhaka and Chittagong, sanctioned by the government to test gold items, ensuring purity, and providing gold hallmarking certificates.

The Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) hosts a list of accredited Assay and Hallmarking Centers, accessible on their website for verification.

Explore the BSTI website to confirm your center's accreditation:

The government-regulated process of validating precious metal item purity is known as hallmarking. This responsibility rests upon the four assay offices in the UK situated in London, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Edinburgh

Hallmarks are symbols stamped on gold jewelry to indicate the purity of gold in the piece. Common hallmarks include “925” for sterling silver, “750” for 18-karat gold, “585” for 14-karat gold, and “417” for 10-karat gold.

The hallmark may also include the manufacturer’s name or logo. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission requires gold to be marked with a fineness mark that indicates the percentage of gold in the alloy.

The fineness mark is either a three-digit number (such as “585”) or a one- or two-letter abbreviation (such as “K” for karat).

Hallmarks represent stamped symbols on gold jewelry, signifying the gold's purity within the piece. Common hallmarks encompass identifiers like "925" for sterling silver, "750" for 18-karat gold, "585" for 14-karat gold, and "417" for 10-karat gold. Additionally, a hallmark might incorporate the manufacturer's name or logo.

In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission mandates gold to bear a fineness mark illustrating the gold percentage in the alloy.

This mark can be a three-digit number like "585" or a one- or two-letter abbreviation, such as "K" representing karat.

The BSTI website hosts the roster of accredited Assay and Hallmarking Centers in Bangladesh.

Gold hallmarks were initially introduced to denote gold purity on jewelry. The hallmark includes office marks certifying the gold's purity and its fineness or carat. Subsequently, trademarks are incorporated to specify the jeweler responsible for the product.

Hallmarked gold comprises three distinct marks, confirming compliance with the hallmarking process outlined by the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI).

In case your gold lacks hallmarking, it's advisable to get it examined by a reputable jeweler or gemologist using suitable testing equipment.

This step will help ascertain the gold's caratage and purity. Additionally, you might need an appraisal to assess its current market worth.

No, not every piece of gold jewelry carries a hallmark. Hallmarks are commonly employed for items surpassing a specific weight, and some jewelers might opt against hallmarking their pieces.

However, in Bangladesh, as of June 23, 2021, gold hallmarking has become mandatory. Hence, all gold jewelry crafted and sold after this date is required to bear a hallmark.