Today Gold Rate In Bangladesh, August 10, 2022

Discover the current gold rate in Bangladesh on August 10, 2022. Stay informed for smart investment choices.

Today gold price in bangladesh not changed. The 22 Karat (Twenty-one-Karat) gold price will now stand at 1 Bhori = Tk.84,330.72. Note that the gold price was reduced a few days ago, but the price of silver has remained unchanged.

Also, the world gold market has decreased. Today August 15, 2022 gold price changed by 1 Ounce= $ 1,794.50 (1 Ounce = 31.103 grams) and the percentage change was $ -9.5 in the world Gold market. Which is about 1 Ounce = Tk. 170,913.13 in Bangladeshi currency.

Today gold price in bangladesh

Today gold price in bangladesh

22K Gold723084330.72
21K Gold690080481.6
18K Gold591568992.56
Sonaton Go488556978.64

According to the new gold rate in bangladesh, 22 Karat gold price is 1 Bhori = Tk.84,330.72. Also, 21 Karat gold price is 1 Bhori = Tk.80,481.60. And, 18 Karat gold price is 1 Bhori = Tk.68,992.56. Sanaton Gold price is 1 Bhori = Tk.56,978.64. The Bangladesh jewelry association said that, The Gold price changes every day depending on the international market price.

Gold Unit Converter 50 grams

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Vhori 0.000
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Aana 0.000
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