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Why Gold Price is Rising | Gold Price in Bangladesh

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Attention : Three HOT Tips for Buying Gold in Bangladesh

  • Make sure any type of gold you buy is backed by physical gold or sovereign guarantee of government
  • Make sure the company you are dealing with cannot pledge it hedge it, or lease it out.
  • Ensure that you buy only certified by Bangladesh Government Jewellery.

Current Gold Price in Dhaka

Gold price is currently at its highest level since 2013. If you have old gold jewelry, you can sell it at the highest price and cash it now.

Yellow is a symbol of metal wealth. Gold jewelry is very attractive for women and also a means of investment.Most of women in Bangladesh prefer to use gold to diamonds.In our country, wedding shopping is incomplete without gold.

Gold Prices at Covid-19 are rising at an unusual rate. Although the price has come down a bit due to the 2/3 month lockdown in Corona, it is rising again. Bangladesh's gold price has reached a record high due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Investors are leaning towards gold reserves due to the downturn in other businesses due to the impact of COVID-19 . And why gold prices are rising at an unusual rate in the international market.

Gold prices in Bangladesh change day by day depending on international standards. Gold purchases were suspended for the lockdown. Due to which ordinary buyers could not buy or sell gold, they could not even place an order. As a result, gold imports to Bangladesh have suffered significantly compared to other years.

When the price of gold last raises to BDT 5,715 grams on June 22, the price per ounce (2.6565 Vhori or 31.103 grams) in the international gold market price was $ 1779 gold price per ounce. Then on June 30 (last Tuesday), the price of gold per ounce touched $1782 breaking the record in September 2012. The gold price has risen every 3 working days of this week. gold market price today (August 28) per ounce reached a record $1,964.75.

Globally, gold prices have risen as the US dollar has weakened. In general, a rise in the dollar could lead to a global decline in gold rates. Simply put, the price of gold in Bangladesh was slightly lower due to the devaluation of the Taka against the dollar. But the Bangladesh Jewelery Authority (BAJUS) has raised the price of gold, citing uncertainty in the global gold market) due to a ban on the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

Also, due to the rise in prices in the international metals market , jewelers have raised the price of gold to BDT 72,258.48 per vhori from today.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

According to the new price set by Bangladesh Jewelery Association (BAJUS) ,

NAME Per Gram Per Vhori
22/22 Karat6195 BDT৳72,258.4
21/21 Karat5925 BDT৳69,109.2
18/18 Karat5175 BDT৳60,361.2
Traditional Method4290 BDT৳50,038.5
21/21 Karat Silver Cadmium80 BDT৳933.12

I would like to mention here that the new prices are fixed by the Bangladesh Jewelry Association and the VAT charge will be applicable separately with the wages.

Old Gold in Bangladesh

Let's take a look at the current price of the old gold market. At today's prices, the old gold is the market price

NAME Deduct Percentage (20%) Per Vhori
22/22 Karat৳14,451.70৳57,806.78
21/21 Karat৳13,821.84৳55,287.36
18/18 Karat৳12,072.24৳48,288.96
Traditional Method৳10,007.71৳40,030.85
21/21 Karat Silver Cadmium৳186.62৳746.50

I would like to mention that, if you sell gold, the gold seller will pay you cash, excluding stones, wages and 20%.

Also, if you want to exchange ornaments, the gold seller will give you ornaments excluding stones, wages and 10%.

All of the above accounts may vary % according to the sales and exchange band.

International Market

let's take a look at the price of gold in the international market.

Currency Mid Price OZ One Gram One Vhorig

Gold prices rose slightly to $ 1,964.75 on Tuesday, August 29, at 1:00 a.m.

Gold Purity AED BDT Per Gram One Vhori
24K Golddh238.00৳5,496.88৳64,093.65
22K Golddh223.50৳5,161.99৳60,188.78
21K Golddh213.25৳4,925.25৳57,428.45
18K Golddh182.75৳4,220.82৳49,214.76

Also in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai Gold and Jewelry Group-DGJG) the current price of 24 carat gold per gram dh238.00 dirham. The price of gold in Bangladeshi Taka per gram ৳5,496.88

This is the latest update of today's gold market in Bangladesh.

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