Todays 22K,21K,18K, Sonaton Gold Price in Khulna | Bangladesh Gold Price | 24-hour Live Market Prices, 18K, 21K, 22K

Todays 22K,21K,18K, Sonaton Gold Price in Khulna

Gold price in Khulna today you can know the gold price in Khulna (local gold price in Bangladesh) on this website. The table below shows the gold prices covered.

Daily Gold Price in Khulna

gold price in khulna

Gold prices are changing almost every day in Khulna, Bangladesh and all over the world. Get today's gold price update in Khulna, Bangladesh, and get 18 karat, 20 karat, 21 karat and 22 karat gold rates. These rates in Bangladeshi Taka are given in 1 vori, 1 gm and 10 gm format. Khulna Bazar and Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) provide live rates daily.

  • 22 Karat/Vhori 91.06% Pure Gold.

  • 21 Karat/Vhori 87.05% Pure Gold.

  • 18 Karat/Vhori 75.00% Pure Gold.

  • No specific standard for Shonaton Traditional Bengali Gold).

22K Gold6,87080,131.68
21K Gold6,56076,515.84
18K Gold5,62065,551.68
Sonaton Go4,66054,354.24