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International Gold Fineness | Today Gold price per vori in Bangladesh

International Gold Fineness

F ineness is another way of expressing the precious metal content of gold jewellery , and represents the purity in parts per thousand. When stamped on jewellery, usually this is stated without the decimal point.This chart shows some examples of the composition of various caratages of gold .

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NAME Caratage Gold(Au) Silver(Ag) Copper(Cu) Zinc(Zn) Palladium(Pd)
Yellow Gold9k37.50%42.50%20%--
Yellow Gold10k41.70%52%6.30%--
Yellow Gold14k58.30%30%11.70%--
Yellow Gold18k75%15%10%--
Yellow Gold22k91.70%5%2%-1.30%
White Gold9k37.50%62.50%---
White Gold10k41.70%47.40%-0.10.90%
White Gold14k58.30%32.20%-0.095-
White Gold18k75%--25% (or Pt)-
White Gold22kN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Rose Gold9k37.50%20%42.50%--
Rose Gold10k41.70%20%38.30%--
Rose Gold14k58.30%9.20%32.50%--
Rose Gold18k75%9.20%22.20%--
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